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Installation Manual

On this site we will show you how you install the plugin.

  • The first two steps are the installation of PL/SQL Developer and Tortois SVN.
  • Now you have to download the setup file from Documents & files
  • On the first run of the setup the toolbarprperties dialog appears. You can choose if the setup integrates the Icons automaticly in the toolbar or if you want to do this by yourself.

  • If you have an other version of this plugin installed the first dialog which appears is the versionsetting dialog. On this dialog you can choose if you want to override the plugin with the version from the setup or if you want to keep your installed version. In the brackets you can see the versionnumber of both possibilities

  • After you choose all the install properties klick next till you completed the installation
  • Now restart the PL/SQL Developer and the plugin should now be installed